Thursday, 2 April 2015

When you're.....

When you're stressed, tired, sad, angry and any negative available, an orgasm makes everything a little bit better!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Berlin Half Marathon

So the training has been done. (Ish) and I am set to run the berlin half this Sunday. To say I am nervous is an understatement! I've ran over 10 half marathons but this one is one I am shitting about. 
I've been aiming for a sub 2 for a while now, and considering berlin is flat, this was the race I wanted to get this time for! Perhaps I'm putting way too much pressure on myself, as really, it's just a race, but it's been looming now over my running life! 
Flights (with germanwings!!!!!!) has been booked and accom sorted. Dougie being ace as always on the itinerary so I don't have to think about where to eat and stuff. Amazing! But the nerves for Sunday are already giving me butterflies. 
Gonna go in with that, I don't wanna run mentality, as I seem to run better like that. Hmmmmmmm

Typing what I'm thinking here! 

Since I last saw you...

Since my last real post in February last year, (Tokyo marathon) what has happened since?

Well, broke up with a current bf in June. It was time really when I think about it. 
July and August was serious work decision time as I was on the verge of leaving Saco, but I didn't! 
September was OMG, the Berlin Marathon and fucking hell was that an awful race! I finished, but as a cripple! I have beef with that one!
October was madness of salon international. I survived!
November was meh.
December I spent in Moscow. Spent time in London then went to Washington DC for Xmas! That was cool! Loved that!
New year was at Fodz house with fellow runners. Typical.
February was a lonely valentines, but I had my Monty so it was all good.
March, I went to Paris. Didn't run, but cheered and has to be up there with some of the fun BTG events I've been to!
This weekend, I go back to Berlin to run the half marathon. Oh boy! 

It's been a shit few months tbh. Could be better. 

I'm bored. Need some excitement! :-/

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

2015.... And that.

Wow, it's been an age. Thought I keep this blog going cod it was lightly mentioned when I was in Paris on the weekend and a friend said about reading something from it. Sparked a few things and here I am! This blog goes wayyyyyy back, with some serious issues and dilemmas in my life. It would've been a shame to just scrap it and keep a tumblr full of boring pictures! 

I'll be writing more shit soon. 
Stay blogged! X

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Tokyo Marathon 2014

Wow! It's been an absolute age since I last made a post on this blog.
Why? Cos I've been wiped out from doing my marathon training for Tokyo next week! 

Tokyo marathon is in late Feb, so that means to me, 3 good, oh lovely months of winter training! Oh yes, how I love that!

Not trying to let the freezing cold weather get to me or put me off my training, I went for the Hal Higdon intermediate training plan. First day of training started with a REST DAY! Ha! Liking it already! 

Few long ish weekend runs, and only 1 20 miler! Yes! 

I've done a marathon before, Edinburgh and it was brilliant! 

Maybe the thought that I'd run one before made me feel, meh, I can do this anyway.

If you asked me how I feel about it, I'd tell you I don't feel completely ready. But my body and mind feels good and my aim for Tokyo marathon is to finish it with enjoyment and not race it.
That will be Berlin marathon in September.

I've documented my training (kind of) via Instagram. I have many running friends from Run Dem Crew and we all like sharing running photos don't weeeeee!!!!??

Here's how it all goes!

Soz, it's just me posting pics really.

Sponsored by Nike by the looks of it! 
Oh I love Nike! :) x
So yeah, gloves and arm warmers are a must this winter, and gosh have we had a mighty cold winter! 

November was Mo Running 10k, and what better training than with some Greenwich hills! You bitch!
What a mare! But the RDC crew helped. Lots!

During December, I had to go to Moscow, which I go often for work.

Minus 9 degrees with ice and snow, such perfect marathon training conditions! 

Ilya, the guy on my right, is also running Tokyo marathon. He'll ace it no problem with all this hard core ice and snow in Moscow! 

One thing I do love about marathon training, is that I can eat whatever the hell I want! Honest burgers FTW! 

As a girl with long hair, having to decide on how your hair will be styled or put up is another thing. Pigtails, ponytail? Left out? Alice band? Oh, the decisions in life! 
I'm going for Street Fighter Chung Lee inspired! Oh yeah!
Super creative designer Chop from Rosie Lee had designed this for me! It's so 

After super long and hard runs, we all love to slouch on the sofa, stuff ourselves silly and wear super warm pants!
I love the addition of my super cosy slippers, Flyknit Racers!!! The household slipper shoe! Ha! Love them so much!

So it's 4 more days till I depart for Tokyo.
Got my last long run tomorrow, which is 8 miles, and I am considering going to Swains Lane for some hill training! 
Or maybe not........
Watch this space! 

P.S I miss blogging about stuff no one reads! :)

MH x

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Stay Some More?

If this world is wearing thin
And you're thinking of escape
I'll go anywhere with you
Just wrap me up in chains

But if you try to go alone
Don't think I'll understand
Stay with me

In the silence of your room
In the darkness of your dreams
You must only think of me
There can be no in between

When your pride is on the floor
I'll make you beg for more
Stay with me

You'd better hope and pray that you make it safe
Back to your own world
You'd better hope and pray that you'll wake one day
In your own world

Cause when you sleep at night they don't hear your cries
In your own world
Only time will tell if you can break the spell
Back in your own world

Stay with me

Saturday, 26 October 2013


My whole life waiting for the right time
To tell you how I feel.
Know I try to tell you that I need you.
Here I am without you.
I feel so lost but what can I do?
Cause I know this love seems real
But I don't know how to feel.

We say goodbye in the pouring rain
And I break down as you walk away.
Cause all my life I've felt this way
But I could never find the words to say

Alright, everything is alright
Since you came along
And before you
I had nowhere to run to
Nothing to hold on to
I came so close to giving it up.
And I wonder if you know
How it feels to let you go?

You say goodbye in the pouring rain
And I break down as you walk away.
Cause all my life I've felt this way
But I could never find the words to say

So change your mind
And say you're mine.
Don't leave tonight

Monday, 8 July 2013

Super Spandex Sunday

Who said the Olympics was over!??? :) 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

We Own the Night

Last Saturday I got involved in a Nike Womens only running event called We Own the Night. It was a 10k race based in East London's loveliest parks, Victoria Park. Being a OG Hackney resident and the park being pretty local, it would've been rude not to get involved and run it.

We Own the Night was a race aimed for the ladies, although men could sign up if they reallllllly reallllllly wanted to.
It was announced for months that this was happening. A lot of the girls at RDC signed up immediately knowing we could all run it together, and the idea of it being a 10k with a run with your girls and only girls seemed like a go!
I was currently in my marathon training, so the 10k worked perfectly with my training runs.
Before race day, you had to go to Nike Town to collect your race pack. This included, your race tshirt which was bright fluorescent orange! A Henry Holland tote bag and your timing chip and a lovely pink bracelet for, just cos?

From reading about the race, I knew there wouldn't be any medals come Finish Line.
I didn't mind this to be honest, as the bracelet was something I could wear ALL the time.

As I was training for a marathon, I didn't set a side a training plan for this 10k. I had done a few before, so for me this race was merely to enjoy it, for my marathon training and the fact that Nike always do such great races!

As customary, I always lay out my race kit and photograph it for twitter and Instagram! Ha! This included my cat Monty who is such a great supporter by the way!

Race day!
The race started at 8pm, so people started getting the Victoria park at 6pm to soak up the atmosphere and be amongst super siked women. Special guest included Paula Radcliffe and Perri Shakes Drayton. A special someone told me Paula Radcliffe was going to run the race, so this got me extra excited!

Upon arrival, the music was blaring, girls were in their groups, smiling and taking it all in. It seemed very relaxed and everyone looked happy to be there.
When you entered the event village you were asked whether you were just going to enjoy the race, go for a PB for race it to win it. There were 3 different coloured bands you could wear. I opted going for a PB, even though I wasn't. I guess I'm just always in competition with myself.

Bag dropped, toilet done, which by the way, was great. So many portaloos made the festival toilet experience pleasant!

Paula and Perri had given a small talk to everyone on stage, and soon after that was warm up time!

This is the time where I feel ridiculously stupid, but in the environment that I was in, being with all the ladies, I did not feel stupid at all, in fact it was great fun, and everyone was getting involved in the warm up.

GPRS watch set, iPod playlist set, we were sent to our pens, or area I should say. The orange PB area was rammed!!!!! Absolutely packed! Felt pretty normal if you asked me.

Of course the people who opted to race the race set off first, then us, the the pink runners. The race course was two laps of the park. I hate laps!

It was still light when we all started running, and the glow of orange tshirt a made the park looked amazing. As you looked to your side along the route, you can see a stream of orange tshirt a ahead and it did look awesome!

The race course was lit with giant sphere glow balls which had kilometre markers on them also. This provided great lighting the park and welcomed the night in nicely.

Running the 10k was fine for me. I was only annoyed at the fact that I couldn't go faster as I didn't want to cause any injuries as I had my first marathon the week after. Marathon training really does slow you down by the way!

We had cheer dem crew out in full force at kilometre 4 and 8, and throughout the whole route, there were supporters from husbands, boyfriends and friends! It was full on!
Overall, I enjoyed my race, and I kept a steady pace the whole way round.
As you past the finish line, you were headed your finishers bracelet, water, glow sticks and presseco.

The presseco were a great treat! Although I don't drink, I could tell everyone was enjoying them!

I didn't waste anytime collecting my bag, and oh my, those bag drop guys were in full force and were on it like Sonic when it came to getting those bag numbers! Great organisation!

We partied until we had to be kicked out, and all RDC and I sure enjoyed the race. Every lady I had asked about them heir race, said they enjoyed it very much.

Not to be biased, but I actually really enjoyed it. Even though it was laps, I think the fact that I was running in the evening made such a big difference. In a sense where I didn't really know where I was going. It's definitely not the best race to get a PB due to the crowds, but it certainly isn't the last Womens race.... I hope!

A fantastic race yet again organised by Nike!

Edinburgh Marathon in 3 days!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Nike Flyknit Experience

Paris half marathon done, next up, the flyknit experience. And what an experience it was.
An event running over 3 days hosted by our amazing crew leader, Charlie Dark. Was lucky enough to attend the Tuesday event which had Paula Radcliffe doing a Q&A with Charlie and then onto a 5k run! Got to trial out a pair of Flyknit Lunar+1 and got them steam to our feet, but in true honesty, I preferred them unsteamed. Pacers led the way through our 5k run with surprises along the way. Was so nice to have Nic run with me, as we hadn't caught up in such a while. Amazing route, amazing beat boxer, amazing weather, and just overall, an amazing experience. It's always good to have a cheesy fun run now and then right!? Loved it! Bring on more!

P.S picture with Paula!? OMG!!!!

Paris Half Marathon

Best race by far! No PB, but used as a training run for my marathon. Loved, loved, loved it! Nice bit was Ed running the last 200 metres with moi!

San Sebastián

Work work work...

Monday, 25 February 2013


I write this post as I sit on the bus on my way home from a long arse day at work.
I ache, I want to curl up into a ball. I want to say no everything, anything and anyone. I want to cry. I want to not give a shit anymore. I just feel pretty shit.

One month into my marathon training schedule and it 'was' going to plan until illness got the better of me.
Had a weird vomiting bug few days and now, I am that snotty child in the corner that no one wants to come close to. (Someone pass me a tissue please....!)

I go to Paris on Friday to run its half marathon. This will be my 5th half marathon. Not that excited about it all. But in fact, perhaps dreading it. My back and neck hurts and I don't feel 100%. I think the main reason I don't feel particularly 100%, is because I just feel maybe I can't do it? Maybe I can't even do the full marathon come May!!!!

I've had no support whatsoever from ANYONE, apart from the ones who text me now and then to see how am going with it. (You know who you are) and that are actually interested to see how I am doing, and want to go for runs with me. They believe I can do this! I am surrounded by people who shrug their shoulders and don't take me seriously. I'm sorry if I don't post images of me running, my sweaty face, my route of my run or of my pace. So who the fuck are you to turn your nose up at me. You fucking run it!

No support. End of. (Again, apart from THEM ones!)